Frequently asked questions

In the following we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us to get the information you need! 

The climbing happens totally safe with our unique safety carabine system and our well educated instructors. This ensures that you can focus on the unforgettable adventure that awaits in the trees. 

You can read more about our safety by clicking here

We have a limitation in the amout we can instruct each hour. Therefore we always recommend that you book in advance to ensure that we have an available spot for you.

Yes, no matter what you will pay a deposit of kr. 100/person, even if you have a gift card or annual pass. The deposit will be deducted upon arrival at the park. If you do not show to your booked instruction we will keep the deposit. 

We vouch for our prices 100%, however you’re able to get a students discount and entrance at reduced price if you’re more than 20 persons. Click to read about our discounts or our prices

No, it’s only the ones climbing that need to pay entrance. If you’re joining us as a spectator and just want to enjoy the woods with your family/friends in the trees, it’s of course absolutely free.

You pay for 4 hours of climbing. In the 4 hours the instruction is included, which can last from 40 to 60 minutes.

No, the price is the same whether you climb all 4 hours or not.

We’re all happy outdoor people and some of us even study medicine, but whether you’re able to climb in a responsible manner is a matter between you and your physician.

Pregnancy can be very diverse and therefore it’s your own decision, maybe in consultation with your physician, if you’re going to the tree tops. From time to time we have expectant mothers in the tree tops, but we point out that it’s on one’s own responsibility. 

You’re welcome to bring your dog, but it must be kept on a leash. Please ask in the reception if you’re in need of water or bags for dog droppings 🙂

Dress acordingly to the weather forecast, but remember that climbing can be quite physical – so you will get warm 🙂
Dress/skirt, loose/flighty clothes and scarfs are to be inadvisable due to safety reasons. If you have got long hair you should bring a hair elastic. 

Great shoes for climbing are light and flexible outdoor shoes or trainers with a textured sole. Hiking sandals which have a tight fit can also be used. 
Loose shoes, gym shoes with a slippery sole and high heels are inadvisable.

Sure, that’s no problem! Silent summer rain is absolutely no obstacle. Usually the forest will remain mostly dry due to the leaves on the trees. If the rain is more powerful we recommend that you bring a water proof jacket. 
Only at strong winds the parks will close – you will be notified in that case.

You’re welcome to use our toilets for changing clothes, but at the moment we can’t offer any showering facilities. 

The instructor at the day decides if a child can climb advance an age group. In that case you will have to pay the difference between the age groups. The upgraded child will have to clim with an adult continuously.

Vejle: Yes, sure! But not your entire bag. We can store phones, wallets, keys etc. while you climb. Unfortunately we do not have space for entire bags.

Svendborg: Yes, sure! For kr. 10 you can rent a storage locker for your bag and valuables. Remember to return the key before you leave the park. 

Actually they do! It’s a common misunderstanding, that gorillas don’t climb. Yet, it’s primarily  the females that take on the journey to the tree tops, while the males prefer to saty on the ground.

Indenfor samme sæson kan du nøjes med at modtage instruktion 1. gang du er i parken – herefter skal du bare fremvise dit VIGo kort for at få udleveret klatreselen.

Yes, as stated in our rules and guidelines we have a weight limit of 120 kg. 

You can read more about handling of your booking by clicking here

You’re not allowed to use our park if you’re under affection of alcohol or drugs. 

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