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Here are the questions most frequently asked by our guests. We hope, you will find, what you are searching for - if not - please feel free to contact us on info@gorillapark.dk or phone +45 29 16 74 75


Why do we recommend pre-booking?

We have a limited capacity of 30 guests pr. hour, so we recommend that you use our online booking service, to make sure we have room for you. We offer a discount when you book online.


Is there an entrence fee, if I do not go climbing?

No - you only pay if you wish to climb, but you are more than welcome to visit the park, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings while watching your friends or family having fun.


What shoud I wear?

If you are about to swing in the trees, it is a good idea to dress appropriately for the activity and the weather.   

The activity will keep you warm, once you are on the courses, and rain does not hinder climbing fun.


Suggestions for what you could wear:

  •         Lightweight sneakers/outdoor shoes
  •         Comfortable clothing such as track-suits
  •         Breathable waterproofs if it rains
  •         Hair elastic for long hair
  •         For safty reasons, loose clothing and scarves are not permitted when climbing.


Is climbing possible in all kinds of weather?

Our instructors keep a watchfull eye on the weather forecast. In case of a warnning of cloud burst or thunderstorm you will be "grounded" until it has passed. 

Climbing will be cancelled only in the event of heavy storms, and we will give you a new appointment.


Will my valuables be stored securely?

We are happy to store valuables, such as phones, wallets or keys while you are having fun in Gorilla Park. We do not have space for bigger items, such as bags, computers etc.


I have visited Gorilla Park before - do I still need to attend the instruction?

You only have to attend our instructions on your first visit to the park in the same season. On subsequent visits, you just show your season ticket (VIGo-card) to get your harness.

Prices 2018

Adult (12 years +)   Kr. 320
Junior (8-11 years)  Kr. 270
Child (4-7 years)    Kr. 95
Discount in low season and by online booking


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