Below, we have attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Climbing is completely safe with our unique carabiner system and well-trained instructors, allowing you to focus on having an unforgettable experience in the treetops.

You can read more about safety by clicking here.

As we have a limitation on how many we can instruct per hour, we recommend booking a time slot to ensure you can secure a spot.

Yes, regardless of circumstances, you pay a deposit of 100 kr/person when booking, even if you have a gift card or a complimentary ticket. The deposit will be refunded at the park when you arrive. If you do not cancel in time or do not show up, we will retain your deposit.

We guarantee to deliver a great and solid experience where safety and service are in order and commensurate with the price. However, we do offer group discounts (20 people), student discounts, discounts for companions, and special rates for schools/institutions.

You can read more about our prices here!

No, only those who are climbing have to pay. If you come as a spectator and just want to enjoy nature and your family or friends in the trees, it’s completely free of charge.

You book for 4 hours of climbing. Within these 4 hours, the instruction time, ranging from 40 to 60 minutes (depending on the number of participants), is included.

No, the price remains the same even if you choose to climb for a shorter duration than the 4 hours the ticket grants access to.

We are outdoor enthusiasts, and some of us even study medicine, but whether it is responsible for you to climb is a matter between you and your doctor.

Pregnancy can vary greatly, so it is your own decision, possibly in consultation with your doctor, whether you should go on a trip in the treetops. We have pregnant women climbing in the trees regularly, but please note that it is at your own risk.

Yes, dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash, under constant supervision, and not cause inconvenience to other guests. If you need a bag for waste, please ask at the reception.

Dress according to the weather forecast, but keep in mind that climbing is physically demanding, so you’ll warm up. Dresses/skirts, loose/flowing clothing, and scarves are discouraged for safety reasons. If you have long hair, it must be tied up during climbing at Gorilla Park.

Good climbing shoes are lightweight and flexible outdoor shoes or sneakers with a profiled sole. Hiking sandals that fit well on the foot can also be used. Loose-fitting footwear or indoor shoes with a smooth sole and/or high heels are not recommended.

Yes, you can definitely climb in the rain. Light summer rain is no obstacle at all. Usually, it will be dry inside the forest where the courses are located. If it rains more heavily, it is recommended to at least wear a waterproof jacket. We only close courses in strong winds.

If you wish, you may use our bathrooms to change your clothes.

It’s up to the instructor on the day to determine if a child can move up an age group. If so, the ticket price for the upgraded age group is paid. Similarly, it is required that the upgraded child is accompanied by a climbing adult.

Vejle: Yes, we can! But not your entire bag. We gladly accept mobile phones, wallets, car keys, etc., and store them for you while you climb. 

Svendborg: Yes, we can! For DKK 10., you can rent a locker here to store your bag and valuables. Remember to return the key upon departure.

Gorillas can easily climb trees – up to 20 meters high. And now you can too at Gorilla Park!

Within the same season, you only need to receive instruction the first time you visit the park – afterwards, you can purchase a VIGo card (35 DKK) to show that you gone trough the safety instruction before.

Yes, as stated in our rules and guidelines, guests must weigh a maximum of 120 kg to use our facilities.

As stated in your booking confirmation, you must follow the link therein at least 4 days before climbing to change or cancel your booking.

  • If you are going to be fewer people, you delete the booking and make a new one afterwards.
  • If you want to add people, you can simply make an additional booking for the extra number of people. 

You should arrive at the park at least 20 minutes before the start of instruction, which is at the time specified in your booking confirmation. From the start of the instruction (which can last 40 minutes), you have four hours to enjoy the courses.

According to our rules and guidelines, it is not allowed to use the park while intoxicated or under the influence. However, we allow a single beer or similar beverage for lunch. The park’s staff can at any time assess a person as unsuitable to use the park if they appear intoxicated.

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