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Vejle courses

Our climbing park in Vejle is a sporty experience for everyone no matter age. You don't have to be experienced in climbing, there is room for everyone. You only need a positive attitude towards a lot of fun outdoor.

Be aware of rules and guidelines

Link for rules and guidelines in Vejle


The different climbing tracks

We have 6 different courses with different difficulties. Some are very easy and down to earth while others are up high and very difficult. These courses make Gorilla Park fit for both families and adrenaline-seekers. When you arrive you will be educated in using the safety system while climbing - our instructor will take care of this.

Read more about safety and equipment here.


1. Baboon

Gorilla fun for kids

For the little ones and those who do not feel comfortable with heights, we have the Baboon course. You will be able to feel like Tarzan even though it's not far from the ground. On this course, it doesn't get higher than 1,5 meters above the ground. It has 13 different and challenging obstacles.


This course can be used by kids all the way down to 4 years old because it's only 1,5 meters above the ground. It takes about 20 minutes to finish.


2. Orangutan

Track fitted for families, friends, and coworkers.

This course is for the whole family with many different obstacles. It requires a bit more focus and balance. This track is 6 meters above the ground. You will finish the track by riding the zip line and it almost feels like you're flying.

This course can be used by kids from 8 years old and above. 6 meters above the ground. About 30 minutes to finish.


3. Gorilla

This track is Gorilla good.

Are you ready to swing from tree to tree, climb on waves and dodge to get around the obstacles? This course has 13 different obstacles 8 meters above the ground. You have to be quick and precise on your feet. One of the obstacles is "rolling logs", and it can be really tricky. Are you up for the challenge?


 This course can be used by kids from 8 years old and above. 8 meters above the ground. About 30 minutes to finish.


4. Jungle Trail

Balance is an art.

Now is getting a bit wilder. This course is 10 meters above the ground and is especially tricky if you don't have great balance. There will be very unstable obstacles and even a "snowboard" you have to use to get from one tree to the next one. And you will also have to do some jumping to get ahead. Are you Gorilla enough for this? In the end, you will ride the zip line and then you can jump from the last platform which is 8 meters above the ground

This course can be used by kids from 8 years old and above. 10 meters above the ground. About 45 minutes to finish.


5. Silverback

Who's in charge?

Are you the Silverback of the group? Well, then it's time to prove it. This course can really get your heartbeat going when you have to climb up, jump from step to step and use every single muscle in your body to climb the net. This is a real Gorilla challenge. You will need a great balance, strength and a real Gorilla roar. Are you up for the challenge?

This course can be used by kids from 10 years old and above (minimum 130 cm.). Above average level of difficulty. 15 meters above the ground. About 45 minutes to finish.


6. Flying Gorilla

Are you excited about zipwires then the Flying Gorilla is just you! The course takes place in a great part of the forrest Nørreskoven - with 17 zipwires and almost with 900 meters of length! Oh this course you'll get a unique experience in the very upper of the trees with the most beautiful view! 

This is the course you'll HAVE TO TRY! You will have to complete Gorilla (course 4) before you're allowed to enjoy the wind in your hau on Flying Gorilla.

For everyone from 10 years of age or 130 cm. Above average level of difficulty. 20 meters above the ground. About 45 minutes to finish.


7. Alpha

It won't get wilder than this!

On the Alpha course, you have to give it everything you got. This is a very physical challenge with 24 different obstacles!  You will have to climb trees to get to the top which is 18 meters above the ground! Feeling like a real jungle king. You will have to pass giant swings, climbing hangers and also the so-called "Tarzan Swing" where you only have one shot or you will have to start over. Alpha is off limits until you proved your strength on the Gorilla-course or the Silverback-course.

This course can be used by kids from 12 years old and above (minimum 150 cm.). High level of difficulty. 21 meters above the ground. About 1 hour to finish.

Prices 2018

Adult (12 years +)   Kr. 320
Junior (8-11 years)  Kr. 270
Child (4-7 years)    Kr. 95
Discount in low season and by online booking


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