Skip the instruction with a VIGo card!

As a guest at GorillaPark, you are required to receive a safety instruction at least once a year. If you visit one or both of our parks multiple times within 12 months and have not purchased an annual pass, you have the option to skip the instruction by purchasing a personal VIGo card for 35 DKK. The card serves as proof that you have undergone an instruction within the past 12 months. Additionally, you will receive a 50 DKK discount if you book online.

The following applies to the VIGo card: 

  • After your first visit to the park – where you pay the regular price for climbing – the VIGo card can be issued. 
  • The card must be scanned at each visit to verify that it has not expired. 
  • The VIGo card has a one-time fee of 35 DKK. 
  • Upon receiving the VIGo card, you will receive a 50 DKK discount during the card’s validity period if you book online. However, this does not apply to the “Child” entry category. 
  • The card can be used in both parks. 
Online Bordbestilling