Opening Hours

Regular opening hours

There are plenty of opportunities to get up in the trees, and you can always book online!

  • The opening season runs from the first Saturday in April through the second Saturday in November.
  • During this period, the parks are always open on weekends, holidays, and public holidays.
  • A prior safety instruction is always required unless you have a valid annual pass or VIGo-card.
  • Safety instructions are always held at 11:00 am in both Gorilla Park Svendborg and Gorilla Park Vejle.
  • Additional instructions will be scheduled as required, especially during peak season, instructions at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm will typically be open.
  • Furthermore, the parks are often open on weekdays, especially from May 1st to October 1st. 
  • Whether the park is open can be seen in the booking system and calendar at the bottom of the page (green = open).
  • You always have 4 hours in the park from the beginning of the instruction unless otherwise agreed upon.


You can see available instructions by opening our booking module and entering the number of participants.


  • The deadline for online booking is 1 hour before the start of the instruction
  • The online discount (35 DKK/person) is available until 24 hours before the start of the instruction.


We receive many calls from the early morning, and you can avoid the phone queue by booking online yourself. However, you are still welcome to call us at +452916 7475.

When you make an online booking, you accept our cancellation and no-show terms and our terms and conditions

Open upon request. Look below.


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  • Weekdays outside of holiday periods, when online booking is not available, we are always happy to open the climbing park upon request. 


The general rule here is that you pay for a minimum of 15 people (adults), but you are always welcome to contact us via email or phone.

Read further information about our prices here

Online Bordbestilling