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Climbing in Gorilla Park

Climbing in Gorilla Park’s two climbing parks takes place in the treetops, where the various climbing courses are set up between the trees at heights ranging from 1 to 26 meters. The courses consist of a wide range of different obstacle elements such as zip lines, Tarzan swings, base jumps, snowboards, and much, much more. A visit to our climbing park in either Svendborg or Vejle is a complete nature experience with challenges for everyone.

In our park in Vejle you can embark on more than 2 km of gorilla fun spread across 7 different climbing courses, each with varying levels of difficulty. Our park in Svendborg offers 8 different climbing courses, together forming no less than 2.7 km of fun challenges set up between the treetops. 

In both climbing parks, we have courses with different difficulty levels, ensuring everyone a challenging and enjoyable experience in the heights of the treetops. Anyone over 4 years old can enjoy a delightful day with guaranteed laughter and excitement. Previous climbing experience is not necessary. 

Before you begin climbing, you are equipped with the necessary safety- and climbing gear, specially designed for the purpose. Then, you will receive expert guidance on behavior on the courses from our trained climbing instructors. When the instructor believes you are ready – well, then it’s time to embark on an adventure among the treetops in the beautiful Danish nature.

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