Cafe GO!rillax

In Café GO!rillax we put a great effort into offering a tasty and delicious meal and a diversified selection. 
It is of great importance for us to use fresh primary products, sour dough buns and much more. We are proud to serve our food and hope that you are satisfied after the first bite!

Within the normal opening hours the café will serve food from one hour from opening of the park until half an hour before closing. 
Outside normal opening hours food must be ordered in advance. 

Only in Gorilla Park Svendborg

  • Junior Burger 45 kr.
  • Junior Burger + Fries + Soda 75 kr.
  • Burger 65 kr.
  • Burger + Fries + Soda 95 kr.
  • Chicken/bacon sandwich 60 kr.
  • Chicken/bacon sandwich + Fries + Soda 90 kr.
  • Belgian waffle w/ vanilla ice cream 40 kr.

Kun i Gorilla Park Vejle

  • Gorilla Panini - GRILLA w/ serrano ham and mozzarella 55 kr.
  • Gorilla Panini - GRILLA w/ chicken, bacon and cheddar 55 kr.
  • Gorilla Panini - GRILLA w/ falafel and mozzarella 55 kr.
  • GRILLA + Chips and dip + Soda 85 kr.
  • GRILLA - Mini toast w/ ham and mozzarella 35 kr.

Furthermore you will find the following in both parks

  • Chips w/ dip 20 kr.
  • Cup of coffee w/ cake 40 kr.
  • Coffee/tea/cacao 15 kr.
  • Spring water 15 kr.
  • Soda 25 kr.
  • Various ice cream, candy, chocolate- and energy bars
  • Rent of gas grill, incl. gas 300 kr.

    Only by preceding arrangement

You can see our reports from the Danish Food Administration

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